A professional crew dedicated to providing the highest standard of service is an essential element of the ultimate on-board experience. Our Crew Placement team focuses on finding reliable, motivated candidates who have the right combination of experience, skills and personalities to ensure that the placement will work for the owner and crew alike.

Looking for Crew


The Asset V  team has extensive knowledge of the marine industry and a good understanding of both owners’ requirements and crew needs. Our recruitment experts will offer career advice, help with the résumé and interview process and will provide guidance to help you find the right opportunity. From necessary certifications to training advice and visa questions, we have the information you need to get started or take the next step in your marine career.



Our Crew Management Service Package includes:

Crew recruitment

This includes procedures for joining vessel and repatriating crew. Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting off your career, our Crew Placement team is here to provide advice and support throughout your career path.


Maintaining sickness records, compassionate leave, and dealing with next of kin.

Payment of wages and leave

This includes overtime, service bonuses, etc. of officers and crew.

Crew P&I insurance

As well as handling of respective claims and Insurance of crew effects, protecting the crew from consequences of sea perils and monitoring their welfare ensuring availability of adequate insurance covers.

Implementation and follow up of drug and alcohol policies

Monitoring medical status, arranging medicals, maintaining company Drugs and Alcohol Policy.


This includes proper qualification and certification of crew.Identifying training needs, maintaining training records, arranging courses and assessing training establishments.

On Board visits

On board visits by our superintendents to supervise crewing arrangements and ensuring availability of sufficiently qualified crew on-board to respond to emergencies.

Crew Administration

We can also arrange for payroll administration, employment contracts, withholding taxes, health insurance coverage, repatriation and visa documentation.


Preparing and organising flights to and from yacht, and other travel needs required by crew and marine management.


Providing employment agreements, dealing with grievance / disciplinary procedures, promotions, resignations, appraisal and redundancy programmes. We recruit and match experienced and new crew with yachts worldwide. Our Team will manage the crew selection process from beginning to end with integrity, transparency and efficiency.​


Includes the scheduling of crew, monitoring leave, arranging crew changes and travel, providing suitable cover for sickness/study leave, etc.

Selection Process

Our approach puts informed decision-making at your fingertips. It’s your choice. We help you make the right one. Whether you are looking for a long term addition to your team or a relief worker we can help you find the right person.